Liberty Commercial Bank

Liberty Commercial Bank (LCB) is a financial institution licensed by the Central Bank of South Sudan to offer conventional banking services as a commercial bank. LCB was incorporated as a limited liability company in 2012 and immediately commenced operations same year.

We Put out considering resources to the bank and seriously invested in professional management to eusure our customers financial needs abd met in a professional way. We have utilized our wide knowledge of the local market to design high quality banking products and services that adds value to our customers.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Its very safe and secure. As much yoy trust us with your money we do all the best we could to make sure all your online tansactions are secure are through proper chanels.

Our Services

Savings & Transactional Accounts

Junior Accounts, Saving Accounts, Higher Savers accounts & Business and Personal Current Accounts and many more accounts

Lending and Overdrafting

We are diversifying our investments to lend and mitigate on the risk of over concerntration on the forex

Salary Accounts

this account is designed for employees.

ATM & Cheque Books Service

Cheques services and Automatic teller machine all avialable in all our branches

Cooperate Banking.

This account is designed for our VIPs and our premier customers. You get the respect you deserve. The attention you deserve it's a exclusive club with monthly fees of only SSP 150. Get to so your banking in our exclusive launges as you relax over a cup of tea and catch up with the news on TV and newspapers. It's the life you deserve.

online banking

any time,anywhere.

Internet is the trend in the business world, and liberty bank offers online banking at a very secure envirnment. With online banking you can bank from anywhere and at anytime.

safe & secure Savings

Save with us and be assured that your money is safe and secure


We do invetsment in many projects in the country

transfer money

Local and global money transfer


Cash and Cheque deposits and savings

Foreign Trade

we are so far been successful in foriegn trades in east and north africa

Junior Account

This account is designed for junior savers from one day to below 18 years.... Read More

Saving Account

This is a saving account designed to withdrawal allowed a low minimum account..... Read More

Youth Account

This account target students and young adults in universities and colleges...... Read More

Group Account

This is an account operated by group of between 5 to10 people with an intention......... Read More